Awesome Screenshot new service launch!
Version: 3.8.3 (15/03/31)


  • Added a link to "Projects" in our web service in the plugin menu

  • Fixed reported bugs that may have started occuring after last major update

  • Added a refresh option in the save to project menu for Awesome Screenshot projects

    (Due to newly created project not always showing up right away)

Awesome Screenshot has hit 2 million users on Chrome!


To show our appreciation for making Awesome Screenshot plugin the top rated and most downloaded web capture tool on Chrome, we are getting rid of paid features and providing all our users with the desktop capture feature for free. 


We are also excited to announce our new Awesome Screenshot web service, the easiest way to permanently store, share, and get point specific feedback on all your images (#commentpoints). Therefore, storing an image thru Awesome Screenshot will replace the temporary storage option in the save menu. Users will also be able to manage, share, and comment on stored images thru our website. Please sign-in or create an account on our new site to experience the easiest way to share and leave point specific comments on any image!

Check out our new site for a free account!

as button icon_12.png

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via or Twitter @awe_screenshot

We always appreciate your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think of  Awesome Screenshot.

If you had previously paid for the Awesome Screenshot plugin premium features, please sign up for an Awesome Screenshot web service account. Then, send us your Awesome Screenshot plugin Google Order Number and Awesome Screenshot web service account email. You will get a full year of Awesome Screenshot’s premium plan to show our appreciation for your support. Google does not provide us with your contact info, so we need you to let us know!